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Why support us

From the outset, our founding principles have been:

  • an impartial commitment to science for over 30 years
  • a scrupulous management of resources
  • a strong personal commitment by our founders (time, money, ideas)
  • a particular focus on young researchers
  • close links to our community.

Our Foundation works in the life sciences field, contributing to advancing knowledge in fields that affect us all.
All proceeds from the scientific research carried out in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies are re-invested to finance the basic lines of research needed to develop the drugs of tomorrow. This research consists of annual work programs, whose costs are often unsustainable for the Foundation.

We therefore rely on the help of all those who believe in the value of scientific progress and who are willing to lend us their support, allowing us to achieve more in a shorter space of time.

How to support us


You can support the work of the IRET Foundation in various ways:

  • with a donation to support a research project
  • with a donation towards a scholarship for one of our researchers
  • with a donation towards the purchase of high-technology equipment

Donation account details: IBAN IT27H0306909606100000064088


For a company, supporting the IRET Foundation means:

  • uniting your brand with a renowned and innovative Italian organization carrying out cutting-edge research
  • making a tangible contribution to the research into severe neurodegenerative diseases with no known cure such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and ataxia
  • offering an added value to employees and customers through a commitment to advancing scientific progress.

Companies can support the Foundation by:

  • making a custom donation
  • donating goods or services
  • contributing to the purchase of high-technology equipment
  • offering ongoing support for a specific research project.

Donation account details: IBAN IT27H0306909606100000064088

Sponsor a Researcher

We all too often hear about researchers forced to go abroad in search of more rewarding professional opportunities and better economic recognition.
The numbers are disconcerting: tens of thousands of young graduates leave Italy every year, only some of whom will ever come back. An immense blow to Italy, which invests in training its own young people only to lose out on their talent, skills and creativity.

The IRET Foundation is committed to offering job security to its researchers, with clear benefits for the research they perform. But we cannot do this alone. Our own funds are often insufficient, and we rely on the help of those prepared to make a tangible contribution to our work.

Financing the work of our researchers or a specific research project translates into meritocracy and freedom of research, helping to restore Italy’s position as an attractive research option, nurturing our talents and contributing to scientific progress.

Contact us for more information!
Paolo Celli, IRET vice president


A heartfelt thanks to those who share the goals of the IRET Foundation, and whose precious support contributes to the development of our research projects.

Baldazzi s.r.l.| Amici di Casa Insieme | Fondo Alzheimer 360° | Famiglia e amici di Giacomo Franzoni | Famiglia di Velio Vegni | La Rete Magica ONLUS, amici del Prof. Sandro Ripa | Familiari in memoria di Angelo Zurzolo | Lupatex s.r.l. Firenze | Familiari in memoria di Mauro Castellari | Familiari in memoria di Anzolin Severina | Famiglia Ceroni in memoria di Dino Nannini | Donazione in memoria di Pietro Sannia | Gruppo sportivo Pedale Rodigino | Associazione Alzheimer Faenza | Sig. Marco Nardo, insieme al gruppo Facebook “Chiacchiere fra quelli di Ozzano” e all’ARCI UISP di Ozzano dell’Emilia (BO) | Consorzio Romagna Energia S.C.P.A. | Associazione Vari.China | Andrea Franzoni | Maria Luisa Barone | Letizia Paganelli in memoria di Loris di Torri | Cecilia Maini | Claudio Filippi | Midnight Foundation ONLUS | Maria Grazia Zucchini | Associazione Maurizio Grin2a | Grazia Grazioli in memoria di Giovanni di Tempora | Roberta Zampieri in memoria di Giovanni di Tempora | Luisa Foresti, Assoalzheimer Lugo | Associazione Alzheimer Lugo di Romagna | Associazione Alzheimer Ravenna ODV | Sig.ra Daniela Nannini in favore della ricerca per l’Alzheimer

Thanks also to:

Amici di A. Cattaneo | Famiglia di Ezio Giudici | Famiglia Secone Seconetti | Balsamo Strumenti | Banca Prossima | Ugo Basile s.r.l. | Giancarlo Bazzan | Centrale Etica | Edil Garden | M.M. s.r.l. Servizi di pulizia | Open Project | SIRO s.r.l. |Studio Corazzari | Osanna Gabrieli | Dianella Bertolini