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Since 2006, when it was founded, the Foundation’s development strategy has been based on two pillars: sustainable growth and excellence in research.

Being financially sound and independent has been the priority from the outset, so from the very beginning every investment decision was preceded by a thorough analysis of opportunities and risks. Having adopted a nonprofit model, all profits generated from research activities and the provision of services have been fully reinvested over the years for infrastructure upgrades and researchers’ salaries.

By carefully managing material investments and investments in young talent, it was possible to effectively combine growth and the achievement of excellent scientific results.

  • Infrastructure

    Project of new spaces for labs and training completed. After this further expansion a total area of 1250 sqm will be available for scientific activities.

  • ETS

    IRET Foundation and TransMed Research company become ETS (third-sector bodies) as required by the new national regulations

  • The NGF Research Center

    Strong and unique competences acquired over the years in Nerve Growth Factor extraction and handling lead to the creation of a specific laboratory within the Foundation.

  • TMR becomes social enterprise

    TransMed Research becomes one of the first social enterprises registered in Emilia Romagna Region.

  • Infrastructure

    Official opening of a second block of laboratories

  • Technopole

    IRET Foundation is given the responsibility of managing the Bologna-Ozzano Technopole for Life Sciences, belonging to the regional network of Technopoles.

  • High Technology Network

    IRET Foundation becomes a member of the regional High Technology Network, that brings together the best research labs in Emilia Romagna

  • OPBA

    IRET sets up its internal Animal Health Committee and obtains national registration

  • GLP compliance

    TransMed Research, a research company managed by the Foundation and hosted in the same premises, becomes GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) compliant

  • Agreement with Bologna University

    A Joint Laboratory Agreement between IRET Foundation and Bologna University is signed to cooperate in the development of research projects

  • TransMed Research

    TransMed Research is established as a company focused on services to the health industry
  • Animal Facility

    All the necessary authorizations are obtained for animal housing and testing

  • Infrastructure

    The first block of building is completed and becomes operational

  • Research national register

    IRET Foundation is officially listed among the research bodies recognized at national level

  • Donation

    Received a piece of land in Ozzano dell’Emilia (10 km from Bologna) as a gift from a private donor

  • IRET Foundation is set up

    After more than 20 years of research activity Prof.Calzà and Prof.Giardino decide to set up their own Foundation

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