The new laboratories, with a surface of 500 square meters on a total area of 10,000 square meters, have been designed according to modern building criteria, with advanced installations planned and tested for the specific research demands.

The construction phases:

7th of june 2011: building application

11th of november 2011: approval of building application

18th of november 2011: start of construction

11th of september 2012: instruments installation and testing

16th of october 2012: fully operational structure

16th of november 2012: official opening.


The areas of the laboratory cover the entire field of drug discovery for the acute and chronic diseases of the nervous system, from the study of the causes of the disease to their therapy,  including also the application of the latest technologies in regenerative medicine (cell therapies and new materials). The specific competences available cover modelling and clinical studies of the diseases of interest.

The laboratory of morphology studies the distribution of proteins, peptides, trophic factors and receptors in distinct regions of the central and peripheral nervous system, by means of multiple fluorescence localization techniques.

Relevant instruments: Cryostat Micron


The molecular biology laboratory analyses the genes of interest and areas of microdissected cells and produces tools for the manipulation of their expression.

Relevant instruments: real time PCR (Stratagene Mx3005P), Ultracentrifuge (Beckman Optima MAX E), Laser capture Microdissection (Nikon Eclipse TE2000-S)

The cell biology laboratory works on cell lines and primary cultures of nerve cells and glial cells. It includes an area for the study of neural stem cells, along with other types of cells.

Relevant instruments: incubators and  laminar airflow units

The laboratory of proteomics simultaneously assesses panels of proteins and peptides in the same sample of fluid and organic extracts, using multiparametric technologies. It is also involved in controlled clinical trials.

Relevant instruments: Luminex 200 e Luminex MAGPIX


The microscopy and image analysis laboratory is equipped with the latest imaging technologies, dynamic imaging, and computerized image analysis (resolution 4D space-time).

Relevant instruments: Laser confocal microscope (Nikon A1r) and Bitplane Imaris software for image analysis.

The laboratory of behavioural studies is equipped with technologies for the analysis of instinctive cognitive and motor-sensitive behaviour.

Relevant instruments: video-recording apparatus, software for video-tracking, and automatic behaviour analysis.

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