Fondazione IRET ONLUS is a nonprofit organization focused on research on neurodegenerative diseases, with an innovative and cross-cutting approach.

Along with a “vertical” knowledge of the cellular and molecular mechanisms that characterize the onset and progression of specific diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, ataxia, stroke, chronic pain, spinal cord injury), IRET has developed the ability to create and manage several models of these complex diseases.

These diseases are often not due to a single cause, but sometimes they share mechanisms of neurodegeneration. To ensure a more effective approach to these diseases, IRET dedicates a significant part of their research to identify new strategies to modify the natural history of these diseases, with the aim of delaying the disability.


IRET investigates the structure and the function of nerve pathways involved in complex behaviors (learning, memory, movement, sensitivity), to discover the early dysfunctions at various diseases. Thanks to the extensive use of high-throughput technologies applied to behavioral, morphological, neurochemical and molecular studies, and also through computerized instrumentation for quantitative analysis, the main goals of the research are complemented by the characterization of explorative end-points that enrich the knowledge and optimize the experimental effort.

The design of experiments and data management use stringent statistical techniques, such as the power study for the definition of the sample size, multiparametric comparative statistic, and system biology, thus obtaining a better understanding of the phenomena, a lower risk of error, a better efficiency of the activities in terms of overall costs and production times.

Fondazione IRET laboratories can operate according to the GLP standards (in synergy with TransMed Research s.r.l.), to optimize the chain of drug/therapy discovery.

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