Institutional Partner


IRET Foundation has signed with Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research “Life Sciences and Technologies for Health” of Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna a framework agreement defined Joint Research Laboratory.

The two entities, while maintaining autonomous management, identify common research objectives and for this reason they share spaces, personnel and instruments.

The Joint Research Laboratory is located at the laboratories of the IRET Foundation.


IRET Foundation is one of the laboratories of the High Technology Network of the Emilia Romagna Region by virtue of institutional accreditation achieved in May 2015. This network, created thanks to EU Structural Funds (POR-FESR scheme), aims to enhance the excellent research resources of the territory.

Within the High Technology Network a specific Life Sciences Platform has been created, which includes other research centers, universities, companies, to facilitate European and international cooperation.

Private Partner


IRET Foundation cooperates since 2015 with Associazione Amici di Casa Insieme association, which promotes Alzheimer Marathon and 360° Alzheimer Fund, in order to engage people in activities related to assistance, prevention and research.

The association donated to IRET Foundation an important scientific instrument and is now financing a grant to support the activity of a young resercher in the field of Alzheimer.


IRET Foundation cooperates with Rinaldi Fontani Foundation (located in Florence) since 2014. The research done is related to the use of REAC technology in the field of neurodegenerative diseases and particularly Alzheimer Dementia.

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