Support a Researcher

Normally the people talk about the resaechers which are forced to leave, looking for more rewarding working environments and adequate economic recognition.

The figures are impressive: about 60 thousands young people under 40  leave year every year, 70% of them are graduates. It is a qualified human capital that leaves the country. It is estimated that more than 45,000 graduates emigrate annually, with an astronomical cost to Italy: nearly six billion dollars. Few of them usually return.

Fonadazione IRET is committed to providing to researchers with pathways of progressive stabilization, ensuring continuity in research projects. To do this, however, self-financing is often not enough, we must also rely on the help of those who want to do something concrete in support of research.

Funding the work of our researchers or a specific research project means enhancing our talents, means freedom of research, meritocracy, means to stop brain drain and contribute to the fight against neurodegenerative diseases.

How funding the researcher activity:

  • covering with a donation a portion of the costs of a year’s business
  • with a permanent monthly or annual support.

The companies can join the Social Responsibility project we have studied to enhance business engagement and meet the needs of marketing and communication.

Contact us to discuss it!

Paolo Celli, fund raising manager

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