Give energy to Ideas!

lampadinaResearch, ideas live with energy

Positive energy, motivation,

Energia positiva, motivazione, will to do and get in the game always raising the stalk

At IRET we never give up!


It needs, however, also other energy, that feeds our laboratories, our instruments, our sophisticated programs through which we investigate the progression of brain diseases.

A structure like ours wants to be more autonomous to be able to carry out its research activity freely, privileging what we consider to be important and not what the market demands today.

We must be free to look away, sometimes far away.

For this reasons we look for supporters give us a few of their energy!

We consume 30.000 € of electricity per year.

We have modern installation, energy-optimized. We also enjoy the best rates available today on the market thanks to the generous support of the Consorzio Romagna Energia di Cesena.

That is why we seek supporters who give us some of their energy, we will rejoin with our enthusiasm and tangible scientific results.

The fact is that doing research involves high costs and often the resources available are not enough

The research team of IRET ONLUS Foundation has produced over 250 articles in international and national scientific journals and has presented the results of its research in over 400 scientific conferences.

The neurodegenerative diseases we deal with (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis) pose very challenging challenges; The care is still far away and it requires great commitment and tenacity to continue looking.

Give us Energy!
  • With 2500 € we can cover one month of electricity supply
  • With 625 € we can cover one week of electrical supply
  • With 80 € we can cover a day of electrical supply.

Our Foundation will use the funds made available by reducing energy costs to fund the activity of a young researcher for 1 year.

For your support: IBAN: IT71L0335901600100000064088

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